Welcome to BRUSSELS

Situated on the imposing Mont des Arts with a broad vista over Brussels, SQUARE sits in the historical and cultural heart of the city, very close to the centre of European government.

The Mont des Arts is an area that today packs in a fine combination of culture, energy, business and leisure. Steeped in history, it was once a medieval palace for the Dukes of Brabant and then a centre of European power under the Hapsburgs where Belgium’s first sovereign took his oath in 1831.

Mont des Arts’ fortunes changed however and its wealthy streets were then transformed into a slum. Eventually, its dwellings were torn down and replaced with a park which played host to the “Exposition Universelle et Internationale”, a world exhibition, in 1910.

Ever-changing, the Mont des Arts was rebuilt in 1958, housing the Royal Library of Belgium and The Congress Centre of Brussels that it is today. Situated close to the European institutions, the Mont des Arts has come full circle, finding itself once again closely linked to the centre of power in Europe.

In SQUARE, you will enjoy 2 original frescoes by Magritte and Delvaux, 2 famous and renowned Belgian painters of the 20th century. During the renovation of SQUARE, these frescoes were kept as original.

Completely renovated in 2009, SQUARE proudly holds the ISO 20121 certification for sustainability. With constant improvement, they are working on saving water, water management, protection of biodiversity, healthy local food offer and are powered thanks to 100% Green energy. This is underpinned by the Think Green policy initiated by GL events, which focuses on saving energy, better waste management, and making sure that SQUARE complete supply chain adheres to its environmental commitment.

SQUARE is two steps away from the capital’s main transport hub, Central Station, which has a direct and fast train connection to Brussels Airport. Local train, tram, metro and bus lines all converge at Central Station, providing access to the entire city and rest of the country. It is also close to a large number of hotels and restaurants and close to the historical Grand Place of Brussels.

With a total of 13,500 square meters of modular space built to state-of-the-art standards, SQUARE has the capacity to welcome up to 7,000 attendees. With five auditoria, six multipurpose halls, 25 modular rooms and 4,000 square meters of exhibition halls, there is enough scope and flexibility for all kinds of events: international congresses, summits, conventions, product launches, corporate events, shows and more.

All the side events will take place close by.