The Smurfs

You all know Belgium for the chocolates, the beers, the fries, the waffles, the Atomium, the saxophone … but also for the comics.

And the IAH2021 in Brussels, Belgium, will have a special ambassador : The SMURFS !

YES, the Smurfs, the little blue creatures invented by Peyo, will be your special hosts throughout the congress. Our stewards, the HydroSmurfs, will guide you during the whole week.
But why the Smurfs ?
Ok, they are Belgian.
OK, they are blue. Like the image of water …
OK, one of the main tasks of their lives is to maintain their waterdam in good shape.
OK, as a sign of the times, they were born in 1958, the year Paul Fourmarier became the 1st Belgian President of the IAH.
But furthermore, they have been chosen by the United Nations in 2019 to be the Ambassadors for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The same year, with the European Union, they organized the EU Beach Clean Up action, in 80 countries, where 160 millions people helped to clean the beaches and shores. Next one will be in … September 2021. More info :

The Smurfs will also be our partner with UNESCO on our way to the World Water Day 2022.

Let’s smurf together for a better world !

Our friends The Smurfs have a message for you …