Jogging – Run for Water

Run for Water

After 3 days of heavy work,

After listening to a lot of people,

After learning a lot of inspiring things,

After visiting wonderful Belgium,

After a lot of Belgian food and beers,


it’s time to get back to the basics : RUN.

We propose, in collaboration with Visit Brussels, a morning jogging in the centre of Brussels. It will be run by an official guide of the city, so you’ll mix an healthy activity and culture. Isn’t that cool ?

It will take place on the 4th day of the Congress, on Thursday September 9th.

Let’s meet at SQUARE, the congress venue, at 6.30 AM.


We propose a participation of €5 (or more if you want) per person for this jogging.

If you don’t run, you can also support the project.

We would like indeed to send some money to a charity involved into providing water to people in very low economy countries.

That’s why we have chosen to send 100 % of the money collected at this occasion to the association “Objectif Ô” – more info on : (only in French and Dutch).

In 2007, Jean-Denis Lejeune wrote a book, relating his humanitarian missions in Benin, accompanying young people in trouble. Touched to the heart, a generous donator sent him a big amount of money. Thanks to this, JD Lejeune decided in 2008 to create the association “Objectif Ô”. He immediately got the support of the European Commissioner in charge of development and humanitarian aid, the Belgian Louis Michel.

The mission of the association : water for all !

Actions are linked to :

  • Give a sustainable access to water to populations
  • Give access to decent sanitation
  • Rehabilitate access to water after for example a natural catastrophe
  • Make the young Belgian aware of the problems linked to (access to) water

The projects are spread so far in Haiti, Senegal, India, Nicaragua, Ivory Coast, Benin, Congo and Nepal.

Interested ? Ready to run for water ?

How to register ? Easy ! You have nothing to do so far. We will take the registrations onsite as of the opening of the congress and there will be a money collector (just bills, no cards) at the Registration Desk.